Agent Six
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Daisy Law's series of Agent Six books is being developed for publishing, ready to delight children, teachers and parents everywhere. We'll upload more details soon, but feel free to contact us if you're a school or publisher wanting more specific information right away.
Agent Six and the Forces of Darkness
After breakfast Agent Six - the Wily Fox - went into the garden to practice his Power Moves.
“Why are you jumping at thin air like that?” asked Agent Nine (who was annoyingly marvellous at most things).
“I’m battling the Forces of Darkness, silly,” said Agent Six. “It’s what all the best sleuths and super heroes do.”
Even when Agent Six isn't particularly looking for adventure, it tends to find him. His Power Moves and gadget collection help him out of a lot of scrapes, but his big sister Agent Nine is often a lot more use...
You can have a lot of fun reading about Agent Six and Agent Nine, but you'll learn a whole lot about the world around you too. Science concepts, how numbers work, word muddles - Agent Six and Agent Nine bring their fox logic to loads of the tricky stuff kids study at school.
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