Secret, Secret
Copyright 2016 Daisy Law All Rights Reserved
"Secret, secret. Keep or tell? Stay hush-hush or shout and yell?"
There are lots of different types of secrets. There are big secrets, small secrets, ones you'd never tell, ones you want to tell, ones you keep locked up, or hidden under your bed. There are ones that make you smile, and others that make you scared.
This charming picture book subtly explores the different types of secrets children may have, and encourages them to feel confident to share their secrets. It will be perfect for any child aged 3-7 who has trouble opening up and provides a great opportunity for discussing the things we should and shouldn't keep secret. The book also includes a section at the end for adults on how to respond to disclosures.
DAISY LAW wrote Secret, Secret as a fun way of helping children communicate about some tricky parts of life. She created the characters of Boy, Little Blue and Lilac - with all their worries, treasures and more troubling secrets - to solve the problem of kids not feeling confident to speak up.
Daisy chose to illustrate Secret, Secret in a folk art style which was not tied to a specific time or reality, but which all of us can relate to.
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